Collaboration through simulation

Dynamerse makes scientific simulations interactive, collaborative and VR capable. With our tools, researchers can complete tasks faster, more accurately and with massive savings, providing completely novel insights. We help scientists on opposite ends of the planet to quite literally reach out and do science together.


Tackling drug docking

Imagine the potential of allowing all scientists to reach out and dock a drug with the simple wave of a wrist, all under state-of-the-art rigorous physical conditions.

This is VR doing, not VR watching.


Powerful remote collaboration

Our tools provide computational savings of up to 10000x compared to a traditional brute-force approach and more than 10x in researcher time.

Live-streamed simulations allow dispersed teams to dial in and to see each other in VR in the form of ‘molecular zoom’, allowing them to communicate and collaborate on research material from anywhere in the world, offering home working capabilities to scientific researchers.


Easy to adapt

We can make your research interactive and VR ready.  Regardless of if you need better tools to conduct computational research or to better communicate between teams we can help.

We can scale from the atomic world of chemistry, to fluid dynamics and all the way up to full flu virus modelling.


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